2019 Internet2 Global Summit

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Call for Participation: Until September 7


Call for Participation

The Call for Session Proposals is now CLOSED.

The theme of this year's meeting is "Integrating the New Big-Data Environment to Unleash Research, Scholarship, and Creativity."

In addition to the Call for Proposals, which highlights tracks to help organize your submissions and guide conference attendees, the Global Summit program committee seeks innovative updates, lightning talks, case studies, and future visioning. These incorporate all components of the planned next-generation network infrastructure upgrade, modernized trust and identity tools, and integrated technological environments for supporting research and scholarship.

The Call for Working Meetings is now CLOSED.



Consider using one of these formats for your proposed material:

  • Presentation – A single, 50-minute talk with audience participation.
  • Facilitated Group Discussion – A brief informational presentation augmented by interactive activities or discussions on practical applications.
  • Panel Presentation – Two-to-three presenters from multiple Institutions or perspectives on the same topic. These moderated discussions include case studies to help attendees apply concepts to their campus.
  • Moderated Debate – Combining a thought-provoking topic with opposing viewpoints; an outside moderator frames the exchange of views and engages the audience.
  • Lightning Talk – A brief (5- or 10-minute) presentation to stimulate ideas or discussion. Generally, a collection of short presentations comprise a single 50-minute session; time is reserved for Q&A as needed.

Call for Session Proposals is Now Closed


Three track areas are proposed for the 2019 Global Summit including Advanced Networking, Trust & Identity, and Integrated Solutions for Research, Scholarship, & Creativity.  Submissions were due September 7. The official program committee will make final determinations of accepted proposals that fit within the guidelines and definitions below.

Tracks: Advanced NetworkingTrust and IdentityIntegrated Solutions for Research, Scholarship, & Creativity

Advanced Networking

Successful submissions will focus on network innovation, ecosystem-wide collaborations, trusted infrastructure, and foundations for the future like automation and infrastructure sharing. Submissions should highlight business and workflow innovation, research support programs, security, and technology implementations in advanced networking. This includes building ecosystem collaborations for delivering research and academic services collaborations across local, national, and global advanced networks.

Tracks: Advanced NetworkingTrust and IdentityIntegrated Solutions for Research, Scholarship, & Creativity

Trust & Identity

The Trust & Identity track focuses on identity and access management (IAM), including identity federation, security, and a range of other identity-related topics. We encourage submissions that incorporate case studies, as well as individual or panel discussions on problems and solutions in such areas as:

  • Policy and policy development
  • Software advances and adoption (such as the Internet2/InCommon containerized versions of open-source products)
  • Successful IAM implementation strategies
  • Successful adoption and deployment strategies involving use of the InCommon Federation and federated identity management
  • The use of federation and identity management strategies to support researchers and participation in virtual organizations
  • Security topics such as incident handling, malware challenges, securing cloud-based services, and the unique challenges of network security at very high speeds.

As you consider your proposal, please keep in mind that the Global Summit tends to attract CIOs, CTOs, Directors and other managers (as opposed to practitioners).

Tracks: Advanced NetworkingTrust and IdentityIntegrated Solutions for Research, Scholarship, & Creativity

Integrated Solutions for Research, Scholarship, & Creativity – Global and National

Successful submissions will highlight research and scholarship examples illustrating innovative uses of technology to support national and global-scale collaborations, solving challenges and barriers to success common to distributed, collaborative, or big-data work. Successful submissions will highlight the work of scientific researchers across campuses, virtual organizations, and national and commercial facilities, data resources, and cloud services, and bring to the forefront initiatives that use technology to solve common challenges in areas such as big data and analytics.

Tracks: Advanced NetworkingTrust and IdentityIntegrated Solutions for Research, Scholarship, & CreativityExecutive Track

Executive Track

Once again, this special, invitation-only track will offer a selection of sessions and speakers tailored to the interests and issues of R&E executive leaders. Based on feedback from past participants, we will look to change the format of this track to a 1-day only session, which will include more networking time for discussion and an “un-conference” format to allow attendees to build an agenda that caters to their specific wants and needs.

Session proposals will be reviewed and selected by a Program Committee comprised of distinguished representatives from the R&E community. For your planning purposes, track sessions will be scheduled throughout the day on Wednesday March 6th, Thursday March 7th, and Friday March 8th. Notifications regarding accepted proposals will be communicated in mid-October 2018. If you have any questions about the submission process please contact meetings@internet2.edu.

Call for Working Meetings is Now Closed.

Call for Sponsors

Sponsorship of the 2019 Internet2 Global Summit offers your organization unmatched visibility and alignment with your most important constituencies. We expect this gathering to host nearly 1000 information technology decision-makers and high-level influencers from the nation’s top universities, government and scientific research organizations. As a sponsor, your organization automatically earns a benefit package containing special privileges not available by any other means. No other vehicle can single out your organization so effectively before this important audience. Sponsorship opportunities are limited in number and available on a first-come, first-served basis.

See Global Summit Sponsorship for details. Please contact Taylor Kopocis, Marketing & Communications Program Manager at or (804) 822-1986 to reserve your sponsorship or plan your organization’s entire annual participation at all Internet2 events.