The Third National Research Platform Workshop

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Thank you for attending the Third National Resarch Platform Workshop in Minneapolis, Minn.

Please see presentations from the Sept. 24-25 event below.

Tuesday, September 24

Time Session     |    Location: All Tuesday sessions are in the Southern Pacific Room
7:00 - 8:00 a.m. Breakfast
8:00 - 8:15 a.m. Welcome and Opening Remarks
8:15 - 8:45 a.m. Keynote: Loretta Moore, National Science Foundation, EPSCoR Section Head
Increasing Access to Cyberinfrastructure for EPSCoR and Other Under-Resourced Institutions Through Collaborative Partnerships, Personal Experiences and In-depth Immersion
8:45 - 9:30 a.m. Panel: Regional Research Platform Concepts: PRP, NRP Pilots, ERN, etc. (science enabled, workflows supported, organization)
Moderator: John Hicks (Internet2)
Panelists: James Deaton (Great Plains Network), Barr von Oehsen (Rutgers - Eastern Regional Network), Jim Kyriannis (NYSERNET), Tom DeFanti (Pacific Research Platform)
9:30 - 10:10 a.m. Panel: National Research Cyberinfrastructure Landscape: Matching Research to Resources
Moderator: Dana Brunson (Internet2)
Panelists: Lauren Michael (UW-Madison - OSG), Susan Mehringer (Cornell - XSEDE & Frontera), Kelly Rowland (LBL - NERSC)
10:10 - 10:30 a.m. Morning Break
10:30 - 11:15 a.m. Panel: Telemetry Across Research Networks
Moderator: James Deaton (GPN), 
Panelists: Ken Miller (Penn State), Karl Newell (Internet2), Brian Bockelman (Morgridge Institute for Research)
11:15 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. Panel: Emerging, Disruptive Research Workflows: Edge-to-Edge in Earth and Environment, Smart Communities, and Technology Testbeds
Moderator: Barr von Oehsen (Rutgers) 
Panelists: Ivan Seskar (COSMOS), Jayne Bormann (AlertWildfire), Joe Breen (POWDER-RENEW), Scotty Strachan (ESIP-Fed EnviroSensing)
12:00 - 1:15 p.m. General Lunch
1:15 - 1:45 p.m. Larry Smarr: Looking Back, Looking Forward
1:45 - 2:30 p.m. Panel: Research Network Facilitation in the Wild
Moderator: Lauren Michael
Panelists: Eric Peskin (Yale Center for Research Computing), Galen Collier (Rutgers), Ryan Harden (University of Chicago)
2:30 - 3:15 p.m. Panel: CIO Perspectives on Supporting Researchers and National Research Platforms 
Moderator: Melissa Woo (Stony Brook University)
Panelists: Damian Clarke (Alabama A&M University), Juan Montes (American Museum of Natural History), Carrie Rampp (Franklin & Marshall College)
3:15 - 3:35 p.m. Afternoon Break
3:35 - 4:15 p.m. Panel: Global Perspective 
Moderator: Jeffrey Weekley (UC Merced) 
Panelists: Jeonghoon Moon (KISTI),  Wallace Chase (REANNZ - remote participant), Francis Lee (SingAREN), Michal Krsek (CESNET)
4:15 - 5:15 p.m. Group Discussion & Wrap Up: What's Next? 
5:30 - 7:00 p.m. Co-located Social Networking Event – NSF / NRP / The Quilt

Co-located Meeting Draft Agenda - NSF / NRP / The Quilt

Wednesday, September 25

Time Session
6:45 - 8:00 a.m. Breakfast – NSF/NRP/ Quilt
8:15 - 8:30 a.m. Co-located Meeting of NSF / NRP/ Quilt
8:15 - 8:30 a.m. Welcome and Introductions
Dana Brunson, Internet2
Jen Leasure, The Quilt
8:30 - 9:15 a.m. Invited Presentation: University of Minnesota's Cyberinfrastructure: Facilitating the Glacial Polar Center's Research and Changing How We See Earth
Bernie Gulacheck, University of Minnesota
Charles Nguyen, University of Minnesota
Jim Wilgenbusch, University of Minnesota
9:15 - 9:35 a.m. Invited Presentation: Emerging Research Platforms: Securing Sensitive Data from Lab to Likes
Camille Crittenden, CITRIS and the Banatao Institute
Jeff Weekley, University of California, Merced
9:35 - 10:00 a.m. Invited Presentation: Fake Science: Challenges in Spotting Misinformation, Measuring Our Susceptibility, and Innoculating Ourselves to its Effects
Anita Nikolich
10:00 - 10:15 a.m. Morning Break
10:15 - 11:00 a.m.  Panel Discussion:  Regional Networks Addressing Smaller Institutation Challenges in Networking Infrastructure and Research IT Resources
Wendy Huntoon, KINBER (moderator)
Brian Burkhart, OneNet
Steve Burrell, Northern Arizona University
Dhruva Chakravorty, Texas A&M University
Jim Griffieon, University of Kentucky
Doug Jennewein, University of South Dakota
11:00 - 11:45 a.m.  Invited Presentation: Supporting Tribal Colleges and Universities
11:00 – 11:20 am  TCU CI Study, Al Kuslikis, American Indian Higher Education Consortium (AIHEC)
11:25 – 11:45 am Broadband in Indian Country, Jason Arviso, Navajo Technical University
11:45 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.  General Co-located Lunch – NSF / NRP / Quilt
11:45 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. AIHEC and TCU Serving Institutions and Regional Network Partner Lunch (open)
1:00 - 1:45 p.m. Designing End-to-End Network Cyberinfrastructure Through Integration and Innovation
1:00 - 1:20 p.m. Quad Chart for CC* Integration, Barr Von Oehsen, Rutgers University
1:20 - 1:45 p.m. Archipelago: Linking Researchers On Campuses and in the Cloud, Will Brockelsby, Duke University
1:45  p.m. - 2:45 p.m. Panel Discussion: How Regional Partnerships with National Performance Engineering and Outreach Initiatives are Enabling Science
Jen Schopf, Indiana University / EPOC (moderator)
Larry Smarr, University of California San Diego / Calit2 / TNRP
James Deaton, Great Plains Network
Jennifer Oxenford, KINBER
Pankaj Shah, LEARN
2:45 - 2:55 p.m. Co-located Program Wrap-Up
3:00 - 3:30 p.m.  Afternoon Break – NSF PI Workshop Concludes
3:30 - 5:30 p.m.  Quilt Fall Member Meeting Continues - NSF PIs and NRP workshop participants who represent higher-education institutions are invited to attend.