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Keynote Speaker - The Exchange - Wed., 10/17/18, 4:00-5:15 PM

Robert L. Grossman

Data Clouds, Data Commons and Data Ecosystems: How Data Science is Changing the Way We Analyze Scientific Data, Make Discoveries and Reproduce Research

Robert L. Grossman is the Professor of Computer Science, Frederick H. Rawson Professor of Medicine, Jim and Karen Frank Director, Center for Translational Data Science at the University of Chicago and Director, Open Commons Consortium.

Scientific data has grown too large for most research groups to host and analyze the data from large projects themselves. Data commons provide an alternative by co-locating data, storage and computing resources with commonly used software services, applications and tools for managing, analyzing and sharing data to create an interoperable resource for the research community. We give an overview of data commons and describe some lessons learned from the NCI Genomic Data Commons, the OCC Environmental Data Commons, the Bionimbus Data Commons, the BloodPAC Data Commons and the BRAIN Commons.  We also describe how second-generation data commons are providing the foundation for data ecosystems and supporting reproducible research. We conclude by giving an overview of how an organization can set up a commons themselves.

Robert L. Grossman is the Frederick H. Rawson Professor of Medicine, a Professor of Computer Science, and the Jim and Karen Frank Director of the Center for Translational Data Science at the University of Chicago. He is the principal investigator for the National Cancer Institute Genomic Data Commons (GDC), a platform for the cancer research community that manages, analyzes, integrates, and shares large-scale genomic datasets in support of precision medicine. The GDC is accessed by over 100,000 users each year. He is also the Director of the not-for-profit Open Commons Consortium that develops and operates data commons and data clouds to support research in science, medicine, health care, and the environment.