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All Demonstrations in Coral Sea 2


OESS 2.0 & Cloud Connect Portal


Demonstration Times

  • Wednesday: 11:40AM-12:10PM and 3:30-4:00PM
  • Thursday: 11:40AM-12:10PM

Presenter: AJ Ragusa, GlobalNOC

A demonstration of an Open Exchange Software Suite (OESS) and Internet2 connection portal prototype. New features include a refreshed user interface, improved APIs, Layer 3 VPN (VRF) provisioning, cloud based provisioning to major providers, and additional statistics and monitoring for participants.

Flow Detection and Dynamic Path Alteration


Demonstration Times

  • Tuesday: 3:30-4:30PM
  • Wednesday: 11:00-11:40AM
  • Thursday: 9:50-10:50AM

Presenter: Karl Newell, Internet2 and Suresh Kanagala, Arista

A demonstration of flow detection (based on top talkers) and dynamic path alteration (using both BGP LU and BGP SR-TE) for identified flows, leveraging Arista hardware, Arista CloudVision software, segment routing, and sFlow-RT. Telemetry available from Arista switches and available through CloudVision will also be exhibited.



Demonstration Times:

  • Wednesday: 9:50-10:20AM
  • Thursday: 11:00-11:30AM

Presenter: Mark Feit, Internet2

A demonstration of pShooter, an in-development web service that works with perfSONAR’s pScheduler to automate the troubleshooting network performance problems along a path between two points.  Accompanying pShooter is a new mechanism for network operators to assist in identifying perfSONAR nodes near their routers.

Deepfield Analytics Service 


Demonstration Times

  • Tuesday: 9:50-10:20AM
  • Thursday: 9:10-9:40AM

Presenter: Ryan Nobrega, Internet2

A demonstration of the Internet2 cloud intelligence solution that allows tracking, modeling and visualizing of Internet2 Network usage. Through reports and queries, Deepfield allows drilling down and looking at specific traffic or use case information.