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Fostering Data-Intensive Research via Collaboration Between Network Engineers and Research Computing Facilitators

Time 10/16/18 04:40PM-05:00PM

Room Pacifica Ballroom 10/11/12

Session Abstract

Advanced Networking, in combination with High Performance Computing, is crucial to the exponentially expanding domain of data-intensive research that depends on massive data collections shared via high speed data transfers. Many researchers in disciplines that benefit from these technologies lack the expertise to make best use of them, which severely constrains their ability to accelerate their research progress. There is a growing need to raise awareness and facilitate the use of advanced networking by researchers at campuses across the country.

Many Network Engineers have primary focus on the technology itself, not on helping individual research teams to gain optimal value from the technology. Whereas, Research Computing Facilitators have primary responsibility for engaging with researchers in the context of advanced computing technologies, so they have deep experience and expertise in working directly with data-intensive research teams. In order for these research teams to maximize their progress in the context of large scale, high speed data transfers, it is essential for Network Engineers to collaborate with Research Computing Facilitators to help deliver advanced networking capabilities directly to researchers.

Thus, Network Engineers need a mechanism to discover and engage with their institutions’ Research Computing Facilitators. A key venue for this is the Campus Champions program, which acts as an informal professional society for Research Computing Facilitators. By fostering the development of interpersonal interactions between Network Engineers and Research Computing Facilitators at the institutional level, deep networking expertise can be translated into mission critical actions that enable the expanding frontiers of academic research. Organized in 2008 under National Science Foundation funding, the Campus Champions community has grown to include approximately 450 research computing professionals from over 250 institutions in 54 US states and territories and is now the largest community of its kind in the world.


Speaker Dana Brunson Oklahoma State University - Main Campus

Speaker Douglas Jennewein University of South Dakota

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Primary track Advanced Networking

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