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ARIN@TechEx – Get in on the IPv4 Transfer Market, Deploy IPv6, and Keep your Whois Data Accurate

Time 10/17/18 07:00AM-05:30PM

Room Registration Desk South

Session Abstract

Need help navigating the IPv4 transfer market (as either a source or recipient), deploying IPv6, or updating your Whois data? We can help. Visit the Registration South Desk for more information.

About ARIN:

The American Registry for Internet Numbers (ARIN) is the nonprofit, membership organization responsible for managing Internet number resources (including IPv4, IPv6, and Autonomous System numbers) in the US, Canada, and parts of the Caribbean. Now that IPv4 addresses have been depleted, ARIN encourages all TechEx attendees to reach the whole Internet not just the old Internet by deploying IPv6. ARIN also invites anyone who is interested to participate in the open and transparent policy development process that determines how resources are distributed. More information about ARIN services, events, IPv6, and more is available at https://www.arin.net and https://teamarin.net/

Primary track Advanced Networking

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