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Training the Next Generation of Information Security Professionals: One Approach

Time 10/16/18 04:00PM-04:50PM

Room Pacifica Ballroom 8/9

Session Abstract

Students at the University of Central Florida (UCF), coached by Dr. Tom Nedorost, are members of the UCF Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition Team. This group learns and – at regional and national cybersecurity competitions – exhibits expertise in a broad range of skills required in securing networks and resources in today’s world.

“As UCF's only offensive and defensive security-oriented, student-led organization, we strive to foster a generation that is aware of information security. We learn, we teach, and we hack.” https://hackucf.org/blog/

This session will address some of these questions:

  • How does the regional/national Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition work? What does it take to win?

  • How does the team prepare for competitions? What roles do the respective team members play?

  • What visibility do collegiate cyber competitions receive within Federal information security organizations? Are we preparing the nation’s next generation of cyber defense experts?

  • What advice would team members give to Higher Ed institutions? What are we doing right? Or wrong?

  • How have team members engaged with UCF IT and Security teams?

David Maria, Senior, Computer Engineering
Matthew St. Hubin, Senior, Information Technology
Martin Roberts, Junior Information Technology
Michael Roberts, Junior, Information Technology

Moderator: Dr. Tom Nedorost, Faculty Advisor and Coach


Speaker David Maria University of Central Florida

Speaker Matthew St. Hubin University of Central Florida

Speaker Martin Roberts University of Central Florida

Speaker Michael Roberts University of Central Florida

Moderator Thomas Nedorost University of Central Florida

Presentation Media

Primary track Information Security

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