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Ok, We Have an OpenFlow-based Bandwidth on Demand, But Now What?

Time 10/18/18 03:10PM-03:30PM

Room Pacifica Ballroom 10/11/12

Session Abstract

The Bandwdith on Demand (BoD) service has been available at GEANT for many years, but the lack of support for automatic network discovery and resilience mechanisms and the high service request rejection ratio boosted the migration to an SDN-based solution. This session will present GEANT's SDN-based BoD application to the community and will encourage discussion on the latest SDN developments and how this paradigm will be effectively used in production research and education networks. If time permits, there will be a short demo video as well https://geant.box.com/s/bdky2degxfv4vdnhjaufkyjm33og7wmt.


Speaker Alaitz Mendiola G√ČANT

Presentation Media

Primary track Advanced Networking

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