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Infrastructure Monitoring Development and Services in GÉANT Project

Time 10/17/18 11:40AM-12:00PM

Room Pacifica Ballroom 10/11/12

Session Abstract

Constant development of the network infrastructure and services in all GÉANT project constituting organisations - European NRENs - as well as in the core of the GÉANT network itself requires continuous and advanced network monitoring techniques, tools and services. From the initial technology-oriented solutions, focus has in recent generations of GÉANT project moved towards the service-driven view, keeping at the same time end-to-end, user-centric and multi-domain aspects as key requirements.

Currently, in GÉANT4-2 project, there are several development activities related to the monitoring and management of the network infrastructure and services. That includes the development of Network Management as a Service, Performance Verification Monitoring, perfSONAR, Performance Measurement Platform, and tools - CFM and WiFiMon.

In addition to these developments, there are several community-oriented initiatives, such as Multi-Domain Monitoring Consultancy and Expertise service, eduPERT community group (including Wireless Crowdsourced Performance Monitoring Verification), and Special Interest Group for Performance Monitoring and Verification (SIG-PMV).


Speaker Antoine Delvaux PIONIER (Poznan Supercomputing and Networking Center)

Speaker Ivana Golub PIONIER (Poznan Supercomputing and Networking Center)

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