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Streaming Network Telemetry Collector for Fast and Real-time Data Collection Using gNMI and OpenConfig

Time 10/18/18 11:20AM-11:40AM

Room Pacifica Ballroom 10/11/12

Session Abstract

Traditionally, we relied on SNMP to collect network statistics, such as interface counters, by polling. This model has worked well for accounting purposes, but systems that react to network changes will require more, finer-grained real-time data. The polling mechanism also adds significant delay to updates. Therefore, at ESnet, we have been experimenting with network telemetry using the gRPC Network Management Interface (gNMI). gNMI offers a subscription model where collectors can subscribe to information they require. As the information becomes available, the record is pushed to the collector. This means any change in the network is detected and the information is propagated as quickly as possible. Additionally, the subscription model allows us to receive updates only for changed data, therefore reducing the number of message exchanges. At ESnet, we have successfully implemented a collector that subscribes to telemetry data that is expressed in standard OpenConfig models. This data is normalized and stored in netbeam - ESnet’s cloud analytics platform - for further processing.

In this presentation, we will describe the architecture and our implementation and share our experiences and lessons learned.


Speaker Sowmya Balasubramanian ESnet (DOE Office of Science - Energy Sciences Network)

Presentation Media

Primary track Advanced Networking

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