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Next Generation R&E Ecosystem: National Research Platform (NRP) Pilot Testbed

Time 10/16/18 02:40PM-03:10PM

Room Pacifica Ballroom 10/11/12

Session Abstract

This session will provide an introduction to the NRP (National Research Platform) Pilot effort, focusing on the partnerships involved and the work both accomplished to date and planned.

A platform for supporting data-intensive science has at its core functional elements such as tools and services supporting high-speed data transfer, general and specialized computing, storage, workflow and access management, etc. These services should be incorporated into an integrated platform that allows the science community to adapt their workflows to the platform in as efficient a manner as possible. Connecting the science users to the capabilities is as important a part of the effort as providing the underlying cyberinfrastructure.

As such, the NRP Pilot, similar to the Pacific Research Platform (PRP) on which it is based, has both a technical team working on developing and deploying services, as well as an engagement team that will provide the outreach and training required to ensure optional use by the science community. A steering team provides oversight and strategic direction to the effort.

In this session, besides an update on the effort - and the roles that regional, campuses and Internet2 play - we will also pose some questions about how this effort should coordinate with other platform efforts in the community (e.g. OSG, SLATE, ERN, OSN, XSEDE, etc.) and what sustainable models can be derived from these efforts in the future.


Speaker John Moore Internet2

Speaker James Deaton GPN (Great Plains Network)

Presentation Media

Primary track Advanced Networking

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