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The Rise and Fall and the Rise of the Edge

Time 10/17/18 02:40PM-03:30PM

Room Pacifica Ballroom 8/9

Session Abstract

Many models of security still have their roots in older infrastructure. But with the death of the network perimeter and rapidly approaching end to passwords, there has to be a new view of the security landscape to prepare for this future - especially with the rise of new devices in ever-changing forms.

This presentation will cover the rise and fall of network perimeter and why it is falling. There have been signs of a crumbling perimeter for more than 15 years, and the big question is - what will rise up to take its place? Is The Zero Trust model an answer to this? What does this journey look like?

The Perimeter isn’t going away, but it's definitely not going to be the only thing protecting our organizations. We will also dive into Internet of Things (IoT) which is unintentionally driving this perimeterless movement - covering more serious devices such as Industrial IoT aka IIoT, wearables, and one of the odd pieces of technology that is worth exploring for its implications on all of this - the hearable.

Who will see this direction we are heading into first? Probably those organizations that have a large user base with early adopters of technology (i.e. youth), and organizations that work with bleeding edge technologies with industry innovators (i.e. Healthcare). Sound familiar?


Speaker Mark Loveless Duo Security

Speaker Keith Brautigam Penn State (Pennsylvania State University, The)

Primary track Information Security

Secondary tracks Trust & Identity

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