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Securing Data Visualizations

Time 10/16/18 02:40PM-03:30PM

Room Pacifica Ballroom 8/9

Session Abstract

Data visualization presents a security and privacy minefield. Visualization professionals -- driven by a mandate to make data more accessible -- often expose information in ways that are at odds to the institution's data governance infrastructure. The end result is often a lot of meetings and opportunities lost.

Internet2's Grouper provides an opportunity to bridge the gap: provide timely access to institutional data, while at the same time respecting critical data governance rules. But Grouper alone is often not enough -- it needs to be paired with custom-developed software that is better aligned with the unique needs of visualizations.

This session has two objectives: (1) to share the story of how IU brought together security, policy, privacy, reporting, and data governance teams to solve a key business problem, and (2) discuss deploying Grouper in a way that emphasizes secure deployments.

Many of these lessons learned can be generalized to apply to other applications. Learn how IU leveraged Docker secrets, Consul encrypted values and Bamboo to manage a secure deployment pipeline for Grouper.


Speaker Justin Robinson Indiana University

Speaker David Bickel Indiana University

Presentation Media

Primary track Information Security

Secondary tracks Trust & Identity

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