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What is Azure Active Directory and Why Should I Care?

Time 10/17/18 08:00AM-08:50AM

Room Pacifica Ballroom 4/5

Session Abstract

Azure Active Directory (AAD) is a required component of Microsoft's Office 365. If you want to use Office 365, does this mean you must also have Active Directory installed on-premise? How does identity data get into AAD and what kind of management capabilities are available? Does AAD offer other capabilities that might be useful to Hi-Ed? Does it really do SAML? How much does AAD cost?

This talk will attempt to answer these questions and more. In particular, we will demonstrate how AAD fits into the identity mix at the UW and discuss the pros and cons of our architecture. One particularly complex area that we are exploring is MFA.


Speaker Eric Kool-Brown University of Washington

Presentation Media

Primary track Trust & Identity

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