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OpenID Connect in the R&E World: What is the State of Play?

Time 10/16/18 09:00AM-09:50AM

Room Pacifica Ballroom 2/3

Session Abstract

OpenID Connect (OIDC) is a simple identity layer on top of the OAuth 2.0 protocol, which acts in a similar way like SAML2 as a protocol for identification and authentication. Current identity federations in the academic area are, with almost no exception, SAML2 based. There is however a strong and rising interest for using OpenID Connect as a protocol for identification and authentication. OpenID Connect is adopted by the large players in the industry and furthermore, the REFEDS Survey 2016 showed a great interest from federations for supporting OpenID Connect.

Given this interest, multiple parties involved in the R&E Trust & Identity area are working on the adoption and the impact that OpenID Connect has. Incommon has, based on the OIDC survey, created an OIDC deployment group for campusses, REFEDS (the international community of identity federations in the education and research sector) has created a working group to realise and standardise OIDC R&E profile for both claims (attributes) and implementation interoperability. The next-generation T&I development task of the (European) GEANT project is working on ways to make OIDC usable in a multilateral context, which is common in the R&E federation world, but is not (yet) standardized in OIDC.

The mentioned parties and others are also investigating the possibilities to charter a R&E working group under the OpenID connect Foundation to consolidate and reinforce the work.

In this panel session several panelists will pitch on the status and the rationale (the why) of their current OIDC work, with hereafter a discussion on what the panelists need to get closer of reaching their goals (the how and what), together with questions from the audience.


Speaker Maarten Kremers Surfnet BV

Speaker Christopher Phillips CANARIE, Inc. (Canada's National Research and Education Network)

Speaker Roland Hedberg NORDUnet (Nordic Infrastructure for Research and Education)

Speaker Niels Van Dijk Surfnet BV

Speaker Nathan Dors University of Washington

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Primary track Trust & Identity

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