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Development? Meet Operations. The DevOps Approach in Identity Management

Time 10/17/18 01:40PM-03:30PM

Room Pacifica Ballroom 2/3

Session Abstract

Before DevOps, there was Development and Operations. Two separate departments, or two separate organizations. A developer created new code for new products. An operations staff put that code or product into production. Requests for changes goes into a development a queue for consideration with the next software release. DevOps squishes those separate processes together. How does that work? What are the advantages? What does that mean to your organization? This session will bring real-world examples from those using the DevOps approach. InCommon has moved the once-static Federation Manager into this continuous improvement cycle. Cirrus Identity uses this approach as they serve their clients. Join us for an in-depth look.


Speaker Mark Rank Cirrus Identity, Inc.

Speaker David Shafer Internet2

Speaker Jacob Farmer Indiana University

Speaker Justin Robinson Indiana University

Primary track Trust & Identity

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