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TUTORIAL: IPv6 Solutions (Separate Registration Required)

Time 10/15/18 01:00PM-05:00PM

Room Oceana Grand Ballroom 9

Session Abstract

Tutorial Sessions for Operators of IPv6 Networks.

These sessions are intended to address issues that current operators of IPv6 networks face, day to day. If you operate an IPv4-only network at present, you are welcome to participate, and get ideas on what lays ahead.

Finding Users In The IPv6 Haystack
Jeff Harrington, NYSERNET

This tutorial will briefly touch on updates to the host addressing models for IPv6 over the last number of months. Acknowledging that tracking hosts (and from that users) is a crucial component to operate a campus network, we will then provide tools with which to gather host information for IPv6 addressing, how to deploy inside a production network and mechanisms to correlate IPv6 and IPv4 data in a dual stack network.

Building IPv6-Only Networks That Keep Everyone Happy
Alan Whinery, University Of Hawaii

This updated tutorial is about building "IPv6-Only" Networks, as in: networks where only IPv6 is routed, and IPv4 connectivity is provided as a service. In 2016, Apple require applications in its App Store to support such environments, and in 2018 a growing proportion of client devices are ready to operate without IPv4 routing. We will provide information on how to build your IPv6-Only network, and to understand why IPv6 is increasingly a best option to meet your emerging network requirements.

Video 2017 I2 Tech Exchange IPv6 Tutorials:


Speaker Jeff Harrington NYSERNet, Inc.

Speaker Alan Whinery University of Hawaii - Manoa

Primary track Advanced Networking

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