2018 Internet2 Global Summit

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Leon Gommans

ORG University of Amsterdam Title Senior Researcher BIO Dr. Leon Gommans received his PhD in informatics in 2014 from University of Amsterdam, where he considered multi-domain authorization systems for e-Infrastructures. From the start of his career in 1981, Leon has been involved in the development of the early commercial forms of computer networks at ADP Network Services. He subsequently worked for a number of computer & networking industries as engineer, technical manager. In 1996 he became member of the CTO office of Cabletron Systems Inc. where he was involved in network research and standard efforts in the IETF. In 2000 Leon was co-author of a series of RFC’s (2903-2906) produced by the AAA Architecture Research Group, which became the foundation of his research that he continued at University of Amsterdam in 2001. After completing a master course in Architecture in the Digital world in 2008, became Sr. Infrastructure Architect within Air France KLM. His position recently evolved into his current position as Science Officer within the Group Strategy and Technology office of Air France – KLM Information Services, where he researches the role and value of future Internet capabilities for the business of the airline. He collaborates as guest researcher with the Systems and Networks Engineering group at University of Amsterdam.

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