2018 Internet2 Global Summit

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Introducing Frogans: A New Medium on Top of the Internet

Time 05/07/18 02:45PM-04:00PM

Room Pacific 23-24

Session Abstract

Frogans is a new medium for publishing content on the Internet. Frogans was designed as a new generic software layer running on top of the original Internet infrastructure, i.e. the TCP and IP protocols and the Domain Name System (DNS), alongside other existing layers such as E-mail and the Web. As a new medium, Frogans is not meant for publishing Web sites, but Frogans sites, a new kind of site founded upon a different format, enabling a new kind of communication between end users and content publishers. Frogans is intended to be complementary to the Web, and not to replace it. This is just like instant messaging, which was not intended to and did not replace E-mail. The technology making up Frogans is released in the form of an open standard for the Internet, available to all, free of charge. During this session, we will present how the Frogans technology works and how you can contribute to its development. We will also discuss ideas for Frogans-based services that could emerge from the research and education community and become global success stories.


Speaker Alexis Tamas OP3FT

Primary track Solutions for Research and Education – Global and National

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