2018 Internet2 Global Summit

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Digital Marketplaces Using Novel Infrastructure Models

Time 05/09/18 10:45AM-11:45AM

Room Pacific 23-24

Session Abstract

Next to data intensive science, industry is also facing exponentially growing rates of data generated by sensors placed in equipment, vehicles, manufacturing plants, refineries, etc.

Considering such use-cases, whilst bringing them alongside solutions serving science, provides an excellent opportunity to learn from each other an increase the wealth of requirements.

An important challenge both science and industry faces concerns how infrastructures should consider data-ownership rights whilst enabling the creation of value from sharing data. Organizations, that normally compete with each other, increasingly find the need to share data to accomplish common goals no single organization can create on its own. Such data sharing is hindered by the absence of trust among those organizations that shared data will only be used for the purpose for which it is shared but not for other (competitive, litigation,etc.) purposes. Examples of such use cases can be found in science (life sciences), industry (preventive maintenance, health), and society (smart city, decision support on crowd management) projects.

In this session, we will introduce the concept of a digital marketplace that enables an ecosystem driven by agreements and compliance arranging exchange of data. Such ecosystem supports enforcement features that allow organizations to manage and control risk, and therefore trust, when providing data for commonly used applications or application development. The concepts introduced here build upon internet exchange models and raise the peering models to the data layer.

This session will have several speakers presenting the needs from the Industry and the Science domain. Then, we will have speakers present the architectural and methodological challenges of building such infrastructure to support Digital Marketplaces. The session will include demonstrations of Data Marketplace principles for preventive maintenance in the Airline Industry. Here terabytes of data must be shared in secure and trusted environments allowing experts to monitor health of Aircraft systems like its engines. Potentially we will also demonstrate Container Networks that create secure overlay infrastructures to invoke and enforce data policy.

Much of this work can be seen at http://sc.delaat.net and http://delaat.net/dl4ld.


Speaker Cees de Laat Surfnet BV

Speaker Leon Gommans Air France KLM

Speaker Rodney Wilson Ciena Corporation

Primary track Solutions for Research and Education – Global and National

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