2018 Internet2 Global Summit

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Trust & Identity Showcase

Time 05/08/18 01:15PM-02:30PM

Room Grand 12

Session Abstract

The Trust & Identity Showcase, distributed over 3 working sessions, will demonstrate how the TIER Campus Success project teams are collaborating with the TIER Working Groups in the areas of Integration with Banner, potential roles of COmanage and midPoint within the TIER Reference Architecture, how these components and applications cooperate in the context of data flows to the Registry, from the registry to provisioned systems and more.

This showcase will discuss and demo TIER program deliverables related to Shibboleth and the overall Identity Onboarding Processes. These sessions build on the Monday session presented by the CSP participant schools.

The Shibboleth Metadata Management GUI will be demonstrated by staff from the TIER commercial partner Unicon. This User interface enables the creation of SP metadata file, import of metadata files. It also allows the entity attributes, signing, encryption etc. to be handled. There is additional work underway to expand the current feature set that will be discussed.

Identity Onboarding Processes will review the TIER architecture and walk through a demonstration using the TIER Components. There will be a discussion and demo of the intake of data from multiple Systems of Record (SOR), the relationship of midPoint and COmanage in the TIER solutions. CoManage will be shown a SOR and as a registry solution. midPoint will be shown as a registry and a provisioning solution. The demo will illustrate publish & subscribe (Pub/Sub) messaging with RabbitMQ as well as establishing credentials using midPoint. Group management as outlined in the Grouper Deployment Guide will be shown. This session will provide setup for the Wednesday session that will focus on provisioning and de-provisioning.


Speaker Ethan Kromhout University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill

Speaker Keith Hazelton University of Wisconsin - Madison

Speaker Michael Grady Unicon, Inc.

Speaker Thomas Jordan University of Wisconsin - Madison

Speaker Benjamin Oshrin Spherical Cow Group

Primary track Trust, Identity, and Security

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