2018 Internet2 Global Summit

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Is Grouper the Answer for Role-based Access? It Sure is for Deprovisioning!

Time 05/09/18 01:15PM-02:30PM

Room Pacific 23-24

Session Abstract

Two talks on this topic will be presented during this session:

  • "Is Grouper the Answer for Role-Based Access?" (Herrington): Many institutions struggle with what they envision as the utopia of Role-Based Access. They want to be able to assign an individual’s access to resources based on their role with the institution and for this assignment to take place as soon as they become associated. Sounds reasonable, doesn’t it? In reality, what often happens is that permissions are assigned on an ad hoc basis, and the individual doesn’t acquire all their access until long after they first need it. Even the institutions that start down the path of defining and utilizing institutional roles often end up with a confusing array of hundreds of roles, with various accesses attached to them, instead of the handful of clear-cut classifications that they envisioned. Grouper has the capability to define roles, assign permissions and enable role-based access. Come see if Grouper might be the answer to some of your authorization woes.
  • "Deprovisioning best practice and lessons learned " (Hyzer): Faculty, staff, and students figure out how to get access to systems when they need it to do their work. But they do not say anything when they are done with their access requirements. It is important to deprovision (remove access) when it is no longer needed. Centralized authorization provides a platform to accomplish timely and accurate deprovisioning, but it still requires thoughtful planning and effort to be successful. This session will show Grouper’s new features that drastically improve deprovisioning. Lafayette will discuss successes and lessons learned from using a combination of CoManage and Grouper policy groups to deprovisioning accounts and access. The Big Ten Academic Alliance’s Provisioning Best Practices working group will share an update on our work to document best practices and share some of the member schools’ pain points and successes with deprovisioning.


Speaker Karen Herrington Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

Speaker Chris Hyzer University of Pennsylvania

Speaker Keith Wessel University of Illinois - Urbana-Champaign

Speaker William Thompson Lafayette College

Primary track Trust, Identity, and Security

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