2018 Internet2 Global Summit

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Integrated Service Delivery Across Service Providers and e-Infrastructures

Time 05/09/18 03:00PM-04:00PM

Room Pacific 14-15

Session Abstract

This session will present a standards-based architecture and framework, being put forward by GEANT, for operational integration and service delivery orchestration across e-infrastructures and service providers.

The specification addresses minimum requirements for the internal systems (OSS/BSS) of participating providers, defining orchestrated processes across service providers and inter-service-provider using open APIs for the different types of service provider interactions (e.g. business agreement establishment, order management, service delivery).

The architecture makes it possible for end-users to pull together and interconnect the strands from multiple service providers, through use of self-service portals and user centric workflows. It thus facilitates cross provider service delivery, where an order for a service or resource is placed and managed in one location (a portal) and distributed in the background among the engaged service providers. Offerings to users are presented in the form of order-able products, masking technology-specific services, operations and resources into back end functional elements both service provider internal and business-to-business across providers ones.

The framework draws from both the TM Forum’s Frameworx and the MEF Lifecycle Service Orchestration (LSO) specifications. The former providing abstract definitions of service oriented processes, and the later describing the orchestration and lifecycle of Carrier Ethernet service delivery across providers, with what they term the “Third Network”. This “Third Network” reflects the evolution and transformation of network connectivity services and the networks used to deliver them, and it is designed to allow users control services via software and can be enabled not only between physical (Ethernet) ports but also server interfaces to provide access to virtual machines (VMs) within the cloud. This complete vision for not just network providers but also the end tenant networks aim to provide a complete end-to-end service delivery for the user through single (or minimal) transactions.

R&E users are expected to enjoy a coherent, transparent, comprehensible, consistent, predictable service experience across multiple providers, the same way as they can today order and receive instantaneously cloud and connectivity resources from commercial providers but with the added value of specialized, science-oriented offerings. The presentation will include a demonstration of the framework in action, where an institution user at one edge of Europe can request dedicated connectivity to access cloud resources provisioned at a cloud provider's data center at the other end of the continent, via the orchestration of the intermediate network service providers and the cloud provider API.


Speaker Afrodite Sevasti GRNET (Greek Research & Technology Network)

Speaker Garreth Malone HEAnet (Ireland’s National Education and Research Network)

Speaker Pascal Menezes MEF

Presentation Media

media item thumbnail GÉANT Cloud Connectivity Orchestration DEMO

Speaker Garreth Malone HEAnet (Ireland’s National Education and Research Network)

Primary track Advanced Networking

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