2018 Internet2 Global Summit

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How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Cloud

Time 05/08/18 10:30AM-11:45AM

Room Pacific 25-26

Session Abstract

AWS? Azure? GCP? Which one should I choose? Remember all of the hand-wringing over cloud vendor lock-in, the danger of painting your tech future into a corner controlled by a single vendor? Would your choice of vendor become so momentous that even initial cloud experimentation would be held up by analysis paralysis? Would it be possible to get any of those eggs out of the AWS basket without breaking them? Would spinning up Azure mean selling your soul to the Microsoft stack? Would a vendor's choices begin to force your decision making?

Just when you found the courage to get over the cloud boogiemen of cost, security and job loss now you have to worry about getting stuck in the cloud?

What are your choices?

- Avoid the cloud altogether
- Go all in on one vendor
- Embrace the strengths of each vendor and create a multicloud strategy

“Multicloud” means using more than a single public cloud vendor in your cloud strategy. Target their strengths, avoid their weaknesses, find the best solution for the business case. Each vendor offers different advantages for your researchers, developers and technology decision makers. Learn to tie the cloud stacks together where it is to your advantage rather than deny yourself the advances being in this highly-competitive space. Would you instruct a researcher to say no to a grant from one vendor because you've chosen another for your enterprise systems?

In this session we will discuss how to approach the multicloud world. We will discuss the strengths and weaknesses of the cloud vendors' technologies, practices and management implementations. We will point out the pain points and how to minimize them. We will look at the multicloud practices of cloud-first schools with a strong single-vendor focus as well those who are still on the experimental/opportunistic end of the cloud-adoption spectrum. We will conclude with examples of work being done on multiple cloud platforms by researchers, academics and administrative units across higher education.


Speaker Bob Flynn Indiana University

Speaker John Bailey Washington University in Saint Louis

Speaker Damian Doyle University of Maryland - Baltimore County

Speaker Oren Sreebny University of Chicago

Primary track Solutions for Research and Education – Global and National

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