2018 Internet2 Global Summit

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Planning an Advanced Network in the Age of Cloud-Scale Datacenters, Open Systems, Software-Driven Everything and Big Science Collaboration

Time 05/08/18 08:45AM-10:00AM

Room Pacific 16-17

Session Abstract

Only a few years ago, regional, national, and international networks were defined by the speed of their pipes and the ability of their network engineering staff to configure complex proprietary systems. As the global R&E ecosystem prepares for a new generation of investment, the networking industry is at an inflection point where trends that have already affected the broader IT ecosystem (open systems, cloud-scale approaches, programability, etc.) will impact how the R&E community conceptualizes advanced networks and the ecosystem that supports global research. This session will highlight some of the changes in requirements for advanced networks and the Technology, Skills, and Planning that leaders must consider in the coming years.


Speaker Robert Vietzke Internet2

Speaker George Loftus Internet2

Speaker John Moore Internet2

Primary track Advanced Networking

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