2018 Internet2 Global Summit

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Toward a National, Friction-Free Scientific Data Superhighway

Time 05/08/18 10:30AM-11:45AM

Room Grand 5-9

Session Abstract

At the 2017 Global Summit, Dr. Larry Smarr from UCSD provided a detailed look at the Pacific Research Platform as an NSF-funded research project which extends NSF-funded campus Science DMZs to a regional model establishing a science-driven, high-capacity, data-centric “freeway system” built on the CENIC/Pacific Wave backbone to University of California campuses, major private California research universities, several supercomputer centers and additional institutions outside of California. As part of its project scope, the Pacific Research Platform plans to help lead the effort over the next few years to explore and expand sustainable methods to scale to a national research platform.

One year later at the 2018 Global Summit, Dr. Smarr, along with several leaders from the R&E networking community, will share their perspectives and approaches to the creation of additional regional research platforms across the country. Also of particular interest to these efforts is the release of the National Science Foundation’s 2018 Campus Cyberinfrastructure Program Solicitation that includes targeted investment in the national coordination of advanced network performance and outreach to further scientific research. With a goal to continue to grow the interest of community stakeholders to join a national coalition of the willing, this panel will share its insights into next steps as we build toward the vision of a national, friction-free, high performance, end-to-end science-driven superhighway.


Speaker Larry Smarr University of California - San Diego

Moderator Louis Fox CENIC (Corporation for Education Network Initiatives in California, The)

Speaker Wendy Huntoon KINBER (Keystone Initiative for Network Based Education & Research)

Speaker James Deaton GPN (Great Plains Network)

Presentation Media

media item thumbnail Toward a National, Friction-Free Scientific Data Superhighway

Speaker Wendy Huntoon KINBER (Keystone Initiative for Network Based Education & Research)

Primary track Advanced Networking

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