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PowerPoint Template

This PowerPoint template is compatible with the 2018 Internet2 Global Summit theme, and is for use by Internet2 staff, and, optionally, by other presenters.

Wide aspect ratio (pptx, 16:9 HD, 1920px wide, 1080px high) – Note that the 16:9 template is supported by all conference projectors.

Note: Templates updated Mar 21.

Congratulations on being selected to deliver your presentation at the 2018 Internet2 Global Summit. Please follow these guidelines to make sure it is delivered successfully. If you have any questions or cannot comply with these guidelines for any reason, please contact presentations@internet2.edu as soon as possible.

Preparing and Submitting your Presentation

To ensure that your presentation can be processed appropriately and associated with the correct session, please name and submit your presentation according to these guidelines:

  • Name your presentation file – Please name your presentation according to this example: YYYYMMDD-lastname-title, where YYYYMMDD is the year, month and day the presentation is scheduled; lastname is your last name, and; title is a shortened version of the topic or session title, lowercase. For example, a PowerPoint presentation on SDN given on 11 Feb 2016 by Matt Zekauskas would be named 20160211-zekauskas-sdn.ppt.
  • Use an accepted format – Please save your presentation in one of the following formats: PowerPoint (ppt, pptx), Keynote (key), or Portable Document Format (pdf). Online applications like Prezi may be used, but if so, please make sure to follow the next step! Please note: All conference projectors support 16:9 (widescreen) format.
  • Save a copy in PDF format – If your presentation is not already in PDF format, please provide a copy of your presentation in PDF format for online posting. This gives you a chance to review the converted copy and ensure that information and graphics appear as you intended.

    NOTE: It is Internet2’s practice to make all presentations available as PDF files to ensure the highest accessibility for our online audience, and to help protect speakers’ copyrights. Both the presentation and PDF versions should have the same name (except for the file extension). If you would like your presentation to be posted online in PowerPoint format (for instance, because it includes some important animations that cannot be translated into PDF format), please include a note to that effect in your submission email message.
  • Submit your presentation (and PDF copy) to presentations@internet2.edu on or before Monday, April 30, 2018. Please note:  Meeting support may contact you if you do not submit your presentation before the deadline.

Delivering Your Presentation

Here are some simple tips to help make your presentation a success.

  • Please practice giving your presentation before the meeting.
  • Please confirm your presentation time with meeting support personnel. If your presentation has been slotted for a netcast venue, meeting support personnel can be found in the back of the room if you need assistance.
  • If your presentation includes a panel of speakers, please sit in your speaking order. The first speaker should sit closest to the podium.
  • Indicate if you are the moderator of a panel and please notify meeting support if there are any speaker cancellations.
  • Speak directly into the microphone at all times. Ask questioners to walk to the microphones provided to ask questions, or repeat the question into the microphone. Audience members—both live and remote—will not be able to hear content delivered off-microphone.
  • Presenters may bring a printed handout. The meeting support personnel or room monitor will be available to help you place them or hand them out to attendees.
  • NOTE: Non-netcast presenters must use their own laptop to deliver their presentations, as one will not be provided by Internet2. Be sure to bring a copy of your presentation with you. Netcast presenters must use the podium laptop provided (see below).

Especially for Netcast Presenters

Netcast sessions have special technical requirements. This information will help ensure a successful experience for meeting participants.

  • Unless you submit a Refusal to Record Request, your session will be recorded and made available to online attendees, and offered for download on the event website as part of the conference proceedings.
  • The netcast venues for the 2018 Global Summit are the Grand 5-9 and Pacific 14/15. Speakers presenting in a netcast venue must use the podium laptop provided by Internet2.
  • A clicker with built-in laser pointer will be provided on the podium for your convenience. You may use it to advance your slides or to point out specific areas of interest on the screen.
  • Podium laptop keyboard and controls remain active during presentations, so you can also use them to control your slides, or to navigate to a website URL with an installed web browser. If you need to run applications other than a browser, need to run multimedia files, or have any other requirements not covered here, please contact presentations@internet2.edu with your specific needs.
  • If you are presenting in a netcast venue, and your presentation includes other multimedia files (video, audio, etc.), please inform presentations@internet2.edu when you submit your presentation and describe the additional files you'll be using. You will be asked to provide these files in advance of the presentation, so they can be uploaded to the podium laptop.
  • Please inform meeting support personnel of the session format. Will one presenter speak at a time, followed by a panel discussion? Will you require the panel microphones to be activated during the presentation or will you move to the podium to answer questions? (Meeting support personnel must control microphone muting to protect against feedback. Please do not attempt to turn the mics on or off from the podium or the aisles.)
  • Please turn cell phones completely off. Muted cell phones can still cause audio static.
  • Please keep panel and presentation area clear from debris. We are broadcasting in high definition. The camera picks up everything.
  • Please remove your conference badge.
  • Panel members should not bring their laptops to the panel or use them during the presentation. Laptops compromise the video image and cause distraction when opened, closed or used from the panel during the presentation.

Especially for Videoconference Presenters

Videoconferencing sessions have special technical requirements, and equipment and connections must be requested and tested before the conference to ensure a successful experience for meeting participants.

  • Please fill out the Global Summit Videoconferencing Request Form by Friday, March 31, 2017 to request a videoconference connection to your session. Failure to fill out this request form by date/time above will result in the cancellation of the videoconferencing request and no equipment will be provided. Videoconference sessions that have submitted the required information but have not been tested by Friday, April 7, 2017, will receive the requested equipment, but the successful use of the technology will remain the responsibility of the session coordinators.

Especially for Remote Presenters

If you're delivering your presentation remotely, please review these tips to ensure a successful presentation.

  • All remote speakers must be available a full half-hour before the start of the session to perform connection, lighting and sound checks (including muting and unmuting).
  • Remote speakers may be on camera at any time during the entire duration of the meeting. Make sure you remain attentive for the entire duration of the session, even when you are not speaking, as you may still be on camera.
  • Please mute your microphone when you are not speaking. (Make sure to test this before the start of the session.)
  • Close the door to your remote presentation room and put a sign on the door to ensure you are not disturbed during the presentation.
  • If you are remotely presenting with media or slides and need to share your screen during the presentation, please test this capability prior to presenting. We have Blue Jeans Network to facilitate this functionality, but a Blue Jeans Network Video Conference must be reserved and tested prior to the meeting.
  • Please turn desk phone ringers down and turn cell phones completely off. Interference from muted cell phones can cause audio static.
  • Please keep presentation area clear from debris.

If you have any questions or cannot comply with these guidelines for any reason, please contact presentations@internet2.edu as soon as possible.