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Scientific, Technical and Medical (STM) Publishers RA-21 Workshop (Invitation Only)

Time 10/19/17 01:30PM-04:30PM

Room Garden A

Session Abstract

RA21 (Resource Access for the 21st Century) is a joint STM and NISO initiative aimed at facilitating a seamless user experience for consumers of scientific communication when they seek access to scholarly resources, by optimizing protocols across key stakeholder groups, such as Libraries, ID management services, platform and content providers, and publishers.

The project aims to:
1. Recommend new solutions for access strategies beyond IP recognition practices
2. Explain the standard measures that publishers, libraries and end-users should undertake for better protocols and security
3. Test and improve solutions by organizing pilots in a variety of environments for the creation of best practice recommendations focused on identity discovery
This afternoon event will provide an overview of the challenges RA21 is seeking to address, particularly where they apply to end users and librarians and provide an update on all RA21 pilots. After the project overview, the academic pilots will actively engage attendees in discussing project status and early outcomes, particularly in relation to the user experience.

For more information on attending, please contact Heather Flanagan

Primary track Trust and Identity

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