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Loosely-Coupled/Tightly-Constrained (LCTC) Workflows for Inter-organizational, Compliance-Governed, Collaborative Computing for Multi-Tenant Cloud

Time 10/18/17 11:20AM-12:10PM

Room Seacliff D

Session Abstract

An increasing level of inter-organizational & collaborative research requires a secure inter-organizational converged computing platform designed for and idealized toward data sharing, execution-provenance, and collaboration across a virtualized, SDN-centric, project-isolated, federated cloud architecture. By centralizing shared block & object storage around a graph-based, reference data and execution model for Loosely-Coupled/Tightly-Constrained (LCTC) workflows, a compliance audit and post-execution analysis can be imposed on the execution provenance of the LCTC workflow. Through the definition of LCTC, graph-based data models, an automation abstraction is easily implemented and provisioned. The proposed architecture is designed to extend the concept of federated identity to the workflow level by imposing compliance-enforced constraints on the actions of researchers when involved in a collaborative project that has critical regulatory and/or Intellectual Property (IP) protection requirements. Researchers can safely collaborate through the use of roles with fine-grained Role-Based-Access-Control (RBAC) linked to 'certified' and catalogued workflow reference models. Moreover, the in-depth security elements in the areas of access-control, encryption, multi-level, multi-tenant network and application-centric separation provide project owners with the tools to prevent and monitor compliance violations. The technologies covered in this session include: ZFS, SmartOS, GraphDB, dTrace, MFA, VDI, Cisco SDDC/SDN Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI) that make-up an infrastructure platform providing governance of collaborative research and innovation. LCTC applications include engineering design workflows for semiconductors, finite element analysis, structural design, IoT systems engineering, and FISMA/HIPAA.


Speaker Michael Shepherd Cisco Systems

Presentation Media

Primary track Web-Scale Computing

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