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Tales from the Amazon: One Traveler’s Struggles to Create a Centrally-Managed AWS Environment

Time 10/16/17 10:20AM-11:10AM

Room Seacliff D

Session Abstract

Many an hour is spent reading blogs, attending webinars and talking with account reps about the relative strengths and weaknesses of the major public cloud infrastructure providers. When you find just the right tool for the job it is well worth that time and effort.

Far less time, ink and effort is expended on how your institution facilitates getting those tools into the hands of your users in a way that is transparent and unobtrusive while still allowing you to leverage economies of scale, meet security needs and manage costs.

In this session we will follow one school’s journey through an Amazonian rainforest of challenges to creating a centrally-managed deployment of AWS accounts which meets a wide range of stakeholder demands. We will discuss the pros and cons of leveraging a reseller like the NET+ DLT contract, the challenges created by ‘free’ computing credits and reflect on whether it is worth doing any management at all.

And before you think that you can avoid these challenges by staying out of the Amazon, we’ll take a quick look across the abyss and see how the other providers’ jungle landscapes compare.

If you are looking for easy answers, don’t attend this session. If, however, you are ready to take a trek through the thick undergrowth and climb into the canopy, come along for the adventure! I guarantee you’ll come home with stories to tell.


Speaker Bob Flynn Indiana University

Presentation Media

Primary track Web-Scale Computing

Secondary tracks Information Security

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