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Convergence of Infrastructure Support Roles in the Cloud

Time 10/16/17 09:00AM-09:50AM

Room Seacliff D

Session Abstract

As the debate on public, private and hybrid cloud grows, the role of the traditional system administrator and network administrator is going through an evolution to meet the transformation needs of the cloud. As organizations move to the cloud do the traditional roles of system support personnel like system administrators cease to exist or will these roles and jobs be reincarnated in some other form in the cloudy climate? The purpose of this presentation is to invoke discussion about transforming the skill pool to handle the cloud and what is required to bring about that transformation. It will also highlight some of the staffing road blocks and opportunities that organizations face as they create their cloud strategy.


Speaker Saira Hasnain University of Florida

Presentation Media

Primary track Web-Scale Computing

Secondary tracks Applications for Research

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