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Crowd-Sourcing SecOps with REN-ISAC

Time 10/17/17 09:00AM-09:50AM

Room Seacliff A

Session Abstract

Developing a comprehensive security program can be a challenge, especially given complex systems and the “threat-of-the-day.” Awareness of these threats can help security practitioners be strategic in building protections and reducing risks. REN-ISAC gathers and analyzes threats that relate to the Research & Education Community and can provide a perspective helpful to research and education; the community of cybersecurity experts shares timely, actionable information, with insight and recommendations into threats, practices, and safeguards. REN-ISAC offers direct support services, and assists in finding the other resources to build a robust program. This presentation provides operational information about the state of cybersecurity, the REN-ISAC community, and our services.


Speaker Kim Milford REN-ISAC

Speaker Christopher O'Donnell REN-ISAC

Presentation Media

media item thumbnail Crowd-Sourcing SecOps with REN-ISAC

Speaker Kim Milford Indiana University

Speaker Christopher O'Donnell REN-ISAC

Primary track Information Security

Secondary tracks Trust and Identity

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