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Risks of Not Updating your info in Whois & Path to IPv6 for Legacy Resource Holders

Time 10/16/17 10:20AM-10:40AM

Room Grand Ballroom A

Session Abstract

Is your data in Whois up to date? The purpose of ARIN’s Whois directory service is to maintain and display accurate records of the parties which have the rights of use to a particular Internet number resource (such as an IP address block or autonomous system number.)  Accurate Whois data is important because it contributes to the Internet’s operability and stability, safeguards public safety efforts, and helps protect against number resource hijacking.

Are you a legacy resource holder? Good news, the barriers once standing between you and making an IPv6 request from ARIN have been removed. You can now get IPv6 address space through a new combined Registration Services Agreement (RSA) that recognizes the distinct status of Legacy holders while ensuring consistency of services provided to all registrants.


Speaker John Curran ARIN (American Registry for Internet Numbers)

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media item thumbnail The Importance of Updating Whois & The Path to IPv6

Speaker John Curran ARIN (American Registry for Internet Numbers)

Primary track Advanced Networking

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