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Roadmapping Trust & Identity Activities Beyond 2020

Time 10/16/17 11:20AM-12:10PM

Room Bayview A

Session Abstract

Identity federations exist for over a decade; eduGAIN (the inter federation infrastructure) is operational for more than 5 years; TIER and AARC (the European funded project to enable federated access for scientific collaborations) are delivering their first results, while the second funding cycle for the AARC project has just started. All these groups are planning the work ahead for the next years.

In parallel, FIM4R (Federated Identity Management for Researchers) is planning to update the FIM4R paper (https://t.co/1gMu9lxIQD) published in 2013. This paper described research communities’ requirements for adopting FIM, highlighted specific use cases and also proposed a number of recommendations aimed at different groups. The paper has been a main driver for the work undertaken by identity federations, eduGAIN and research infrastructures between 2013 and 2016 and has also paved the way to the AARC project.

In this session we'll invite representatives of different groups (TIER, eduGAIN, AARC, FIM4R and more) to come together and have an interactive discussion to collect requirements and align priorities up and beyond 2020.

The discussion of this session will inform the roadmaps of the AARC and the GN4 projects and will help to better coordinate activities internationally.


Speaker Klaas Wierenga GÉANT

Speaker Hannah Short GÉANT

Speaker Licia Florio GÉANT

Primary track Trust and Identity

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