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Implementing Virtual Reality for Education Tutorial (Separate registration required)

Time 10/15/17 01:00PM-05:00PM

Room Pacific B

Session Abstract


Virtual reality is rapidly exploding as an important technology not just for entertainment, but as a way to radically enhance the way we interact with information and with each other. Educational institutions around the world are beginning to use virtual reality technology to enhance student outcomes. However, as with any new technology, best practices are few and far between, and the details and capabilities of solutions are rapidly evolving. In such an environment of rapid transformation, some of the best knowledge sources become our own peers who have gone before us - we can learn from both their setbacks and them successes. Internet2 will draw upon the experiences of educators and researchers around the country to give an overview of the current VR technology landscape and a deep dive into how use VR for education. This workshop will also incorporate hands on experiences with current VR hardware - seeing is believing.


Speaker Benjamin Fineman Internet2

Speaker Chris Collins University of Cincinnati - Main Campus

Presentation Media

media item thumbnail Building VR Spaces

Speaker Chris Collins University of Cincinnati - Main Campus

Primary track Web-Scale Computing

Secondary tracks Applications for Research

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