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R&E Routing Security Best Practices Tutorial (Separate registration required)

Time 10/15/17 01:00PM-05:00PM

Room Pacific D

Session Abstract


This is an interactive workshop on the best practices for securing routing in the R&E community. These practices were developed within the R&E community and first presented at the 2016 TechX. Based on feedback from the community the content has been updated and this workshop demonstrates how to apply the best practices, and when.
*) Introduction
*) Background/Community Development Process
*) Overview of subjects
*) ACL's on BGP Sessions
*) Rate Limiters for BGP
*) Internal Spoof Blocking
*) To Dampen or not to Dampen
*) Max-Prefixes
*) AS-PATH Filtering
*) Private AS Rejection
*) First AS Rejection
*) Advertising Private ASN
*) Next Hop Filters
*) Community Scrubbing
*) Inbound Customer Filters
*) Out-Bound Customer Filters
*) Inbound Peer Filters
*) Outbound peer Filters
*) Keeping things Up to Date


Speaker Karl Newell Internet2

Speaker Grover Browning Internet2

Presentation Media

media item thumbnail R&E Routing Security Best Practices

Speaker Grover Browning Indiana University

Speaker Karl Newell Internet2

media item thumbnail RPKI Validation

Speaker Karl Newell Internet2

Primary track Information Security

Secondary tracks Advanced Networking

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