2017 Internet2 Global Summit

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Chris Robb

ORG Indiana University Title Regionals/Research Senior Manager BIO Chris Robb is a senior manager at the Indiana University GlobalNOC. In his current role, he manages the team of engineers that are responsible for Tier2 and Tier3 support of the NOAA N-Wave network, the Indiana University Research Network, the NSF funded TransPAC and NEAAR networks, and the NSF-funded IRNC Performance Engagement Team. In his nearly 20 years of experience in the Higher Education Research-Networking field he has provided direct engineering support to a suite of GlobalNOC-managed networks and acted as the Director of Operations and Engineering for the Internet2 network. In this role, he maintained overall GlobalNOC leadership during the 2007 and 2012 nationwide upgrades of the Internet2 Network. In his current position, Robb has provided internal leadership of the GlobalNOC’s IT Service Management efforts and the bootstrapping of a new class of network support with the IRNC NOC Performance Engagement Team.