2017 Internet2 Global Summit

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Advanced Technology Demonstrations

The Advanced Technology Demonstrations provide an opportunity for all Internet2 members to hear about current and future Internet2 Network Services activities. Please visit the demo room in Congressional C and hear more about Internet2’s DDoS Mitigation Service, Deepfield Analytics and perfSONAR 4.0.

Title: DDoS Scrubbing Service Portal 
Presenter: Karl Newell

Description: A demonstration of the Internet2 cloud-based volumetric DDoS Mitigation Service. We’ll showcase the mitigation and reporting capabilities of the portal.

Title: What's New in perfSONAR 4.0
Presenter: Mark Feit

Description: A demonstration of some of the new features in perfSONAR 4.0 including graphs and new pScheduler command-line interface.

Title: Deepfield Analytics
Presenter: Ryan Nobrega

Description: A demonstration of the Internet2 cloud intelligence solution that allows tracking, modeling and visualizing of Internet2 Network usage. Through reports and queries Deepfield allows drilling down and looking at specific traffic or use case information.

This is the schedule for the demos and the speakers:

Global Summit Demo Schedule
Monday Name Tuesday Name
10:00-10:30 AM Deepfield 10:00-10:30 AM perfSONAR
11:45 AM-1:15 PM DDoS 11:45 AM-1:15 PM DDoS
2:30-3:00 PM DDoS 2:00-2:30 PM perfSONAR
4:00-4:30 PM Deepfield 4:00-4:30 PM Deepfield

TIER DevOps Environment - Fresh Presentations from the TIER Community Testing and Usability Platform

Internet2 Community members at the 2017 Global Summit in DC will get a fresh view of the TIER community testing and usability platform, also known as the Demo Workbench. Attendees will have the chance to see new and advanced demonstrations, examples and "showcase explanations" of work products being generated through the efforts of the TIER Working Group teams, including:

  • Provisioning/De-Provisioning Commercial Apps & TIER (for IAM architects) – This demonstration shows how the grouping and authorization principles in the TIER Grouper Deployment Guide can be used to provide role-based access control (RBAC) and automated provisioning and deprovisioning to commercial and cloud applications. This demonstration highlights the modular nature of TIER components, allowing campuses flexibility in deployment.
  • Instrumentation included in the new TIER Release (for everyone) – Version 1.0 of the TIER Instrumentation specification calls for each TIER container to send a daily "beacon". This beacon will contain only product (Shibboleth-IdP/Grouper/COmanage) information and a TIER release identifier*. This reporting data gives crucial insights to the TIER Investor Community regarding how and where the releases are being deployed so that adoption of deliverables can be directly measured.
  • The new Internet2 TIER Implementation for Community Collaboration (for everyone) – Internet2 will be drinking the TIER champagne as it implements COmanage and ultimately, Shibboleth and Grouper to support a collaboration platform to seamlessly facilitate community working group management. The demonstration will highlight initial efforts in our objective to enable Working Group chairs using a self-service interface to set up and manage their group’s use of tools and resources, while reducing the time and effort to manage these workflows.
Time Mon Apr 24 Tue Apr 25 Wed Apr 26
09:00–10:00a I2COmanage/TIERbeacon Consent Provisioning/De-Provisioning
10:00–10:30a BREAK Provisioning/De-Provisioning I2COmanage/TIERbeacon Consent
11:45a–01:15p LUNCH Consent    
2:30–3:00p BREAK I2COmanage/TIERbeacon I2COmanage/TIERbeacon  
4:00–4:30p BREAK Provisioning/De-Provisioning Provisioning/De-Provisioning  

Other Related Demos

Consent-informed Attribute Release, funded by an NSTIC grant, is a key part of enabling collaboration among organizations. Enabling the individual to consent to releasing his or her own information may allay stakeholder concerns about data release in the federated context.

  • CAR (Consent-informed Attribute Release) (for CIOs/CISOs) – Join us to see Duke University's latest pre-production version that has made substantial progress since the 2016 TechEx demo. Once ready for production, CAR will be included in the TIER packages as an optional component for institutions to use to enable their users to manage release of their own information.

The TIER DevOps demonstrations will all take place in Congressional C.