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Novel SCinet Network Architecture changes in SuperComputing 2016

Time 04/26/17 03:00PM-04:00PM

Room Meeting Room 10/11

Session Abstract

In the early stages of SC16 planning, just when SC15 activities were about to end, a new team was put in charge to advances renew changes in the SCinet architecture. For the forming SCinet group, it was a need to focus back at the need of their end customers: the researchers and users of this highly dense and ephemera network that allowed World renowned researcher to not only demonstrate their skillset and their technology advance of their years of work but also to accelerate one more time their collaborative nature in this unique infrastructure that takes a year to build but only last a week.

From that came to our mind that the network team needed to do an introspective look at their own conclusions as network owner and operator and looked into what was now available to facilitate not only the fluidity of create services for the end user but would also increase the capabilities and capacities using the bleeding edge capability available from the vendor community.

To that end, the SCinet chair asked Matt Smith (NOAA) and Marc Lyonnais (Ciena) to reinvent the network topology to allows the team to be regarded as a true partner in network research more than ever before. We looked at many items which were as simple as fiber interconnectivity, Wireless network access point, routing and Switching infrastructure as well as the overall WAN infrastructure that interconnected all NREN and Research laboratories from all over the world over a fiber infrastructure whereas it is submarine or terrestrial or a combination of both.

The presentation will focus on the design choices that were looked at and the decision process that the Architecture group choose to implement in collaboration with the others SCinet groups. That synergy will be illustrated and will also explain the design success and failures that will be analyzed in order to fuel the 2017 Architecture choices.

Initially, there were design intentions about the fiber, WAN and Routing infrastructure and about the stability of the 100GE distribution from the NOC to the booth. We will discuss the different approaches and experimentations we have done to concludes to our 2016 design implementations.

Then, there were some agglomeration of very high bandwidth demands that translated into a novel type of requirement which we have implemented and we will discuss the different choices we had to make and to implement.

These design implementations actually opened up a window to different vendor which traditionally were not invited since they were not participating in what was the previous architectures. We will also discuss the different connection type we wanted to support and the difficulties our end users had to interconnect themselves from their home institution across a geographically diverse terrain and ultimately into Salt Lake City’s Conference center where the SCinet NOC was established.

In conclusion, we will also invite the Global Summit participants to open up on ideas that will help drive the 2017 SuperComputing Architecture, as Marc is taking this challenge again next year with Jim Stewart of UEN.


Moderator Marc Lyonnais Ciena Corporation

Moderator James Stewart University of Utah

Speaker Harvey Newman Caltech (California Institute of Technology)

Speaker Jerry Sobieski NORDUnet (Nordic Infrastructure for Research and Education)

Speaker Joe Mambretti Northwestern University

Primary track Network Foundations for the Future

Secondary tracks Research and Education

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