2017 Internet2 Global Summit

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Cloud Ready: A Cloud Strategy for the Rest of Us

Time 04/26/17 10:30AM-11:45AM

Room Meeting Room 8/9

Session Abstract

Most institutions, whether they realize it or not, have been moving to the cloud for some time. Many are doing so without procurement coordination or a cloud strategy, formal or otherwise. The perspective you develop through play in this session will help you lead your colleagues through this new cloudscape.

It’s 2017 and most institutions, whether they realize it or not, have been adopting a wide variety of cloud platforms and services. Many are doing so without purchasing coordination, many more without a cloud strategy, formal or otherwise. Business units are making decisions and often do not or cannot consult with the institution's technology experts. Frequently they do not know what contracts the institution already has, what the compliance requirements are or that there are vetting processes in place.

Some schools have embraced a Cloud First strategy, shifting resources and focus to move enterprise applications and infrastructure to the cloud. Others are still getting their bearings in the cloud world. If your institution is not all in with the cloud, what do the next few years look like? What do you do to get ready to make the right decisions? How do you coordinate policy, security, legal, procurement, governance, administrative and academic units and yes, technology staff, to make the best use of this new “cloudscape” in a deliberate, incremental manner without exposing your institution to unnecessary risk or simply a waste of resources?

In this highly-interactive session attendees will assume many of the roles responsible for and impacted by this challenge. Group discussion and problem-solving exercises will result in a greater appreciation for the tough choices and sometimes career-altering changes that are often overlooked in purely strategic technology decisions. We guarantee a lively time that will leave you energized for the challenges ahead!


Speaker Bob Flynn Indiana University

Speaker William Allison University of California - Berkeley

Speaker Oren Sreebny University of Chicago

Primary track Applications and Services

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