2017 Internet2 Global Summit

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Pragmatic Network Visualization

Time 04/25/17 08:45AM-10:00AM

Room Meeting Room 12/13/14

Session Abstract

The session presents two novel approaches to pragmatic visualization: Cartographer, which can help end users find devices on their campus network, and NetSage, which is used to understand network traffic on a regional/international scale. Both projects leverage open source data stores and have innovative ways to understand behaviors.

This session will be of interest to anyone running a network and trying to understand its behaviors through a set of bespoke tools and measurements, as we will present mechanisms for understanding performance and capacity over campus, regional, national, or international backbones.

Cartographer was developed by Duke University to visualize the network, giving all IT staff across the campus a wealth of data about how their devices interact with the network.  It uses information from all the routers and switches on campus to create maps of how network devices interconnect, and find where on the network (VRF, VLAN, switchport, etc) a device is connected. Cartographer is also able to map the path a packet takes through the network. We’ve recently extended Cartographer to allow departmental IT staff to securely manage switch ports in their department. We will walk through how the tool works and demo some of the common use cases.

The NetSage project is used to understand the behaviors of the NSF funded international circuits through the deployment of standard measurement and test points, use of an open source archive solution, and flexible Visualization. The project has reached a point where independent deployments of the software are being considered, as well as a possible expansion of the tools in use. We will walk through the visualization tools that are part of the common deployment today, as well as address some of the new screens and questions we will be responding to as the project matures.  We will also give an overview of our archiving solution, and how we are extending the backend of the system to be more responsive.


Speaker Jennifer Schopf Indiana University

Speaker Sean Dilda Duke University

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Primary track Network Foundations for the Future

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