2017 Internet2 Global Summit

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Hands-On Introduction to Information-Centric Networking

Time 04/23/17 01:00PM-03:00PM

Room Meeting Room 6

Session Abstract

Information-Centric networking (ICN) is an alternative Internet architecture that evolves away from the host-centric paradigm by introducing uniquely named data as a core Internet principle. With the help of several of its industrial and academic members and regional networks, Internet2 is deploying an ICN testbed using the CCNx protocols. This working meeting is intended for those who have an interest in this type of ICN and want to get some practical experience with it - possibly with the intent of joining the ICN testbed from their home institution.

To participate, bring a laptop with Wi-Fi and an ssh client (e.g. PuTTY for Windows). Agenda: 1: Introduction to ICN, fd.io/VPP/CICN, and the Internet2 ICN testbed. 2: Hands-on demo of vICN: Intro to vICN, Generating Test Traffic, Caching Experiment, and Load-Balancing Experiment.


Speaker Stephen Wolff Internet2

Speaker John Hicks Internet2

Speaker Michael Kowal Cisco Systems

Speaker Michael Shepherd Cisco Systems

Speaker Marc Mosko PARC

Primary track Network Foundations for the Future

Secondary tracks Research and Education

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