2017 Internet2 Global Summit

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Inter-campus ICN Testbed and Research Use Case Planning

Time 04/24/17 12:00PM-02:00PM

Room Carnegie

Session Abstract

Coordinated by Internet2, an ICN (Information Centric Networking) testbed is being bootstrapped among campuses over Internet2 AL2S circuits. The meeting will discuss both current plans and ways to help researchers start using the testbed. This meeting will bring together campuses that are committed/interested to participate in hosting the testbed, as well as any researchers who can benefit from using the testbed (regardless of whether their home institution is hosting it). In addition to networking researchers, we also welcome domain science researchers who are interested in the ICN technology.

Please note that this working meeting will have access to the conference lunch. For your convenience, this lunch station will be located on the meeting room floor.

Primary track Network Foundations for the Future

Secondary tracks Research and Education

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