2017 Internet2 Global Summit

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Topics in SDN and Analytics

Time 04/26/17 10:30AM-11:45AM

Room Meeting Room 12/13/14

Session Abstract

In this session, speakers provide (2) discrete 30-minute talks:

  1. SDN and Network Analytics: A Perfect Marriage (Morris) -- The introduction of SDN enabled networks provides a unique opportunity to take advantage of significant advances in the field of network analytics. This talk will provide an overview of how SDN enabled networks coupled with insights and control from network analytics, can optimize capital and operational expenditures, and maximize monetization opportunities. Key components of an open analytics platform, which coupled with SDN, enables analytics capabilities at all layers of the network will be proposed. In addition, current work which showcases examples of analytics applications that Ciena has investigated will be described. Finally, an explanation of how these analytics tools can be used to improve service velocity and operational efficiency in R&E networks will be examined.
  2. Inter-domain SDN Data Plane validation: Next steps at AmLight (Bezerra) -- The SDN deployment at AmLight in 2014 showed that troubleshooting is a critical issue to be addressed, not just by those developing SDN software but also by those interested in analyzing protocols behavior. The lack of tools and troubleshooting documentation for SDN networks imposed unexpected challenges to the AmLight engineering team, which led to many presentations to share AmLight’s experience. The most recent presentation in this area was given during the 2016 Internet2 Technology Exchange, with the title “Troubleshooting AmLight: Handling Network Events in a Production SDN Environment.” In this presentation, AmLight engineers talked about some of the details of AmLight SDN operation, including some best practices. One of the topics covered was the importance of validating the data plane, testing user flows without modifying them. The data path validation was achieved at AmLight through the development of a new application, called SDNTrace, focused on intra-domain data path validation. The experience acquired with the SDNTrace development and deployment motivated AmLight engineers in prospecting solutions that could help with inter-domain data plane validation. As AmLight is connected to important SDN domains, such as Internet2 and RNP/CIPO, having an inter-domain SDNTrace solution was considered relevant since it would optimize all troubleshooting activities between these domains, and this solution is under investigation. For the 2017 Internet2 Global Summit, AmLight would like to present all the work performed so far to compare the prospected data plane trace solutions available, to understand the complexity associated to make them work in an inter-domain fashion, describe how the Network Service Interface (NSI) protocol can be leverage and describe the solution being developed by AmLight.


Speaker Jeronimo Bezerra Florida International University

Speaker Todd Morris Ciena Corporation

Speaker Marcos Schwarz RNP (Rede Nacional De Ensino E Pesquisa)

Presentation Media

media item thumbnail Inter-domain SDN Data Plane Validation: Next Steps at AmLight

Speaker Jeronimo Bezerra Florida International University

Speaker Marcos Schwarz RNP (Rede Nacional De Ensino E Pesquisa)

Primary track Network Foundations for the Future

Secondary tracks Research and Education

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