2017 Internet2 Global Summit

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Managing Large Amounts of Digital Data for Precision Agriculture

Time 04/24/17 03:00PM-04:00PM

Room Mount Vernon B

Session Abstract

Precision agriculture for crop production is creating large quantities of digital data. Crop farmers use computers with GPS input to record both crop input information and harvest data. In addition to in-field data, crop producers are using various types of remote sensing to monitor crop growth and identify crop growth stages, nutrient deficiencies, pest infestations and damage, and various crop anomalies. Presenters in this session will describe how they are managing precision agricultural data associated with research projects in North Dakota.

Collaborators include the NDSU Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering Department, Information Technology Division, Center for Computationally Assisted Science and Technology, Elbit Systems of America and the University of North Dakota Midwest Big Data Hub.

Presenters share experiences of collaborative projects among private sector partners to collect, manage, and analyze producers’ crop digital data over large areas, and deliver actionable information to producers to use for timely in-season and future years crop production decisions. Collaborators use large and small unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) to collect high-resolution imagery for use with producers’ crop production data in precision field crop management decisions.

NDSU precision agricultural projects are collaborating with Elbit Systems America to collect 8 cm ground sample distance remote sensing imagery of 40,000 acres per hour using the Hermes 450. The Hermes 450 flying at 8,000’ altitude generates approximately 1 TB of imagery per hour. Project personnel collaborate with private sector partners to collect, manage, analyze and transfer agricultural digital crop data. This UAS precision agriculture pilot project is dependent on access to local and regional research and education networks to successfully implement project activities. R&E networks supporting this project include North Dakota's state government and education network and the Northern Tier regional network which provides support for data transfer and analysis needs critical to collaboration among project partners.


Speaker Kim Owen North Dakota State University - Main Campus

Speaker John Nowatzki North Dakota State University - Main Campus

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Secondary tracks Applications and Services

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