2017 Internet2 Global Summit

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General Session: The Changing Face/Fate of Identity

Time 04/25/17 10:30AM-11:45AM

Room Grand Ballroom Central/North

Session Abstract

Ian Glazer is an international leader in identity, having held key positions in multi-national corporations advising them on the development of identity strategies. Ian is no stranger to higher education and its challenges in the support of research and education in a global context, having participated in Internet2 meetings in the past. Most recently, Ian has been providing thought leadership about the maturing of identity, identity practice, standards, and professional development. Ian will speak on "The Changing Face/Fate of Identity" at Global Summit, sharing important insights with the our community as it grows its trust and identity practices and defines future needs.


Keynote Speaker Ian Glazer

Ian Glazer is the Senior Director for Identity, at Salesforce. His responsibilities include leading the product management team, product strategy and identity standards work. Prior to that, he was a research vice president and agenda manager on the Identity and Privacy Strategies team at Gartner where he oversaw the team’s research. He is the founder and Chair of the Kantara Initiative Identity Professionals Discussion Group and was a founding member of the Management Council and Board of Directors for the US Identity Ecosystem Steering Group (IDESG). During his decade plus time in the identity industry he has co-authored a patent on federated user provisioning, co-authored the Service Provisioning Markup Language (SPML) Version 2 specification, contributed to the System for Cross Domain Identity Management (SCIM) Version 2 specification, and is a noted blogger, speaker, and photographer of his socks.

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