2017 Internet2 Global Summit

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Call for Participation

Call for Session Proposals

The Call for Session Proposals is now closed. Summit track session themes address both networks—the R&E network infrastructure and the R&E global service framework—across the following topic areas.

Trust and Identity

Defining the scope, the strategy, and the practices.

Research and Education

Defining shared community priorities, challenges, and what the next big thing may be.

Network Foundations for the Future

Building global leadership for an advanced secure network, operating it, and expanding it.

Applications and Services

Putting advanced technology and solutions in the hands of real people everywhere.

Call for Working Meetings

The Call for Working Meetings is now closed.

One of the many benefits of attending the 2017 Internet2 Global Summit is the opportunity to hold and attend working meetings—working group meetings, advisory groups, birds-of-a-feather groups (BoFs), special interest groups (SIGs), etc.—in conjunction with other meeting activities.

Meetings relevant to the overall programmatic goals for the event and open to all attendees will be given a level of preference. Internet2-sanctioned working groups and/or advisory groups will also be given preference in scheduling. All other proposals will be accepted based on space availability and we will attempt to accommodate all requests on a first-come, first-served basis. Your flexibility with day/time selections and meeting duration will assist us in accommodating your request.

Call for Sponsors

2017 Internet2 Global Summit sponsorships offer your organization unmatched visibility and alignment with your most important constituencies. We expect this gathering to host nearly 1000 information technology decision-makers and high-level influencers from the nation’s top universities, government and scientific research organizations. As a sponsor, your organization automatically earns a benefit package containing special privileges not available by any other means. No other vehicle can single out your organization so effectively before this important audience. Sponsorships are limited in number and available on a first-come, first-served basis.

See Global Summit Sponsorship for details. Please contact Taylor Kopocis, Marketing & Communications Program Manager at sponsorship@internet2.edu or (804) 822-1986 to reserve your sponsorship or plan your organization’s entire annual participation at all Internet2 events.