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Ari Berman

ORG BioTeam, Inc. Title Vice President BIO Ari began his High Performance Computing career working for the Computer Science department at the University of Texas at Austin as an undergraduate in Biology/Zoology. While there, he helped design and build several commodity medium-scale clusters, as well as deploy, integrate and maintain large networks of mixed architectures. During this time, he became an expert in Perl and shell scripting, learned about parallel programming techniques, and deployed several web-based interactive programs. He then entered graduate school at UT and received his Ph.D. in Molecular Biology with concentration in Neuroscience and Bioinformatics in 2005. In the following two postdoctoral fellowships at UCSF and the Buck Institute for Research on Aging, Ari gained a lot of laboratory experience in mouse model development and neurodegenerative diseases as well as a great deal of direct bioinformatics experience. During this time he continued developing and maintaining HPC infrastructure to assist in his research. In the final year of his final Postdoc, Ari gained IT expertise in disaster recovery, high-availability, data security, and centralized high-performance, high-volume storage systems. Since joining BioTeam, Ari has focused on larger-sized projects, mainly with the Federal Government, in an attempt to positively impact the scientific computing capabilities of the nation’s biomedical sciences industry. These efforts recently led him to direct Bioteam’s government efforts. Ari’s career goals are to seamlessly combine his HPC/hardware infrastructure skills with his biology/bionformatics and software development skills to provide the industry with state-of-the art equipment configured to enable science. Ari has additionally been designated BioTeam’s in-house brewmaster and has promised to provide a custom brew for BioTeam’s all-hands meetings.
Ari Berman