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CloudLab: From Next Generation Cloud Research to Future of Campus Computing Infrastructure

Time 09/28/16 02:30PM-03:20PM

Room Brickell

Session Abstract

As one of the two NSF Cloud projects, CloudLab is a deeply programmable cloud data center testbed providing researchers with control and visibility all the way down to the bare metal, with hard isolation for hundreds of simultaneous "slices" of artifact-free environments suitable for scientific experimentation with new cloud architectures. Provisioning an entire cloud inside of CloudLab takes only minutes.

CloudLab is deployed across three universities - Utah, Clemson, and Wisconsin - interconnected with Internet2 AL2S. Since May 2015, CloudLab has been in full operation. Increasing researchers from diverse domains have sought to understand what CloudLab is and what it can do for them. Similar inquiries come from campus IT staffs of various universities. CloudLab’s ability for agile, flexible, and automatic configuration of computing infrastructure into different “personalities” supporting different computing models perfectly reflects the diverse and fast evolving campus computing demands.

In this talk, we will present an overview of CloudLab, recent researcher use cases, and even more importantly with the Internet2 community, begin a discussion of how campuses can join in a brainstorming exercise of how various “CloudLab ideas” may inform the evolution strategy for our campus computing infrastructure.


Speaker Kuang-Ching Wang Clemson University

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