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Reliable File-Stream Multicast Application Over Multipoint Software-Defined Networks (SDN)

Time 09/26/16 11:00AM-11:20AM

Room Trianon

Session Abstract

Weather data from instruments and simulations are distributed in a project called Internet Data Distribution (IDD) by the University Corporation for Atmospheric Research (UCAR) to 250 institutions. The software program used for this data distribution is called Local Data Manager (LDM). LDM6, the current deployed version, has been in use since 2003. The LDM6 sender performs application-layer replication of data products prior to transmission on individual TCP connections to the receivers. A new version of LDM, LDM7, was developed to limit the rate of growth of network bandwidth and sender compute capacity required for this distribution. LDM7 uses OpenFlow multicast and a reliable multicast transport protocol called File Multicast Transport Protocol (FMTP). LDM7 was compared with LDM6 in experiments conducted on 5 ExoGENI racks, and found to have significant throughput (performance) and resource requirement benefits. The cost however is that LDM7 requires a multicast network service. Given the challenges of IP-multicast, a Layer-2 multipoint VLAN solution, leveraging SDN controllers and OpenFlow switches, was developed, and used to test LDM7. Static VLANs were provisioned across campuses and regional networks, and a multipoint VLAN interconnecting these campus/regional VLANs was established across the Internet2 Advanced Layer 2 Service (AL2S) network. A test of LDM7 across a wide-area multipoint VLAN that spanned three campuses and their regionals, and Internet2 AL2S, was conducted successfully.


Speaker Malathi Veeraraghavan University of Virginia

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Primary track Advanced Networking

Secondary tracks Research

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